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PROTRAC Rubber Skid-Steer Tracks

Rubber Shoe Protrac Skid-Steer Option

The Magnum Series is designed to let you GO WHERE NO SKID STEER HAS GONE BEFORE! It incorporates extremely heavy duty magnesium shoes that offer excellent tire protection. Possibly the greatest advantage that is unmatched by any other track on the market is this track's full floatation surface. Thanks to its superior floatation qualities, magnesium tracks will allow your skid steer loader to cross over deep mud, snow, sand, dirt and rocks with ease. Our extensive testing in deep mud shows that the magnum option provides the skid steer loader with pushing and pulling power that is more than twice the power of the conventional bar-styled track systems!

The Protrac Magnum is our most durable track. Compared to conventional crossbar-style tracks, Protrac Magnum has more pushing and pulling power, especially in deep mud. The contoured shoes will not damage pavement when making gentle turns.

Protrac Diamond
Diamond Option Protrac Skid Steer Tracks
Protrac Rubber
Rubber Option Protrac Skid Steer Tracks
Protrac Magnum
Magnum Option Protrac Skid Steer Tracks