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PROTRAC Rubber Skid-Steer Tracks

Rubber Shoe Protrac Skid-Steer Option

Protrac Rubber Skid-Steer Track Rubber shoe over-the-tire tracks use bolt-on replaceable/interchangeable shoes that are also fully re-buildable, thus paying for themselves with low cost maintenance. They incorporate pins and links that are made from chromium. This is a great advantage over the standard skid-steer tracks that become useless when they wear out. All traction parts are made of magnesium to guarantee maximum durability. Our four bolt shoe system allows switching between magnesium and rubber shoes quickly and easily.

The bolt-on rubber shoes feature a lug pattern similar to a skid-steer tire and are specifically designed for construction work on the road, gardens, fine lawns and sidewalks. The rubber shoes perform the best in clay, sand, snow and ice.

PROTRAC Rubber Tracks
hook up better than our competitor's rubber tracks, especially in sand, snow, ice, and clay. The rubber shoes are gentle on turf, concrete, and pavement to prevent damage to roads, driveways, lawns and landscapes.

All track systems include wheel spacers (if needed), boom blocks (if needed), installation kit, installation manuals and a fully assembled track.
Protrac Diamond
Diamond Option Protrac Skid Steer Tracks
Protrac Rubber
Rubber Option Protrac Skid Steer Tracks
Protrac Magnum
Magnum Option Protrac Skid Steer Tracks