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Cab Window Tinting
Protect your skin from sun damage on the job! Tint the cab windows in your track loader and mini excavator!


Skid Steer Over-The-Tire Track Options

PROTRAC Skid Steer Track Systems
Protrac over-the-tire track systems distributed by Rubbertrax, Inc. stop the loss. With Protrac, your skid steer has the right combination of flotation and traction in the worst conditions and keeps on working. In the rain. In the mud. In dirt, sand and snow. On steep slopes, loose rock and wet turf.

With Protrac, your skid steer works in conditions and performs tasks that would otherwise require a track loader or a small bulldozer. And because Protrac lowers your machine's center of gravity, you get improved stability along with the added traction.

There are other tracks out there. What makes Protrac the best? We use advanced metallurgy throughout Protrac. The links and pins in our tracks are made of forged chromium-enriched steel, and are heat-treated for superior strength. Traction parts of other tracks are made of cast iron. Protrac is built with manganese-enriched steel alloy, the type of tough alloy used in bucket teeth and other demanding applications. The weight of our alloy is equivalent to that of cast iron, so the benefits of increased stability and lower center of gravity are the same. But only Protrac gives you the durability of manganese steel alloy. Other manufacturers use sand casting. We use lost wax casting. It?s the same process used to make jewelry, and it preserves the details engineered into our Protrac components.

Protrac gives you more: more metal, more rubber, more pins and links; for a better fit and improved durability. Components are replaceable, so Protrac can be repaired if needed. A rebuild requires replacement of only the shoes and the pins and links. You re-use 70 percent of the Protrac components. The savings are significant compared to buying replacement tracks.
Protrac Diamond

Protrac Rubber

Protrac Magnum

At Rubbertrax, Inc. we offer all three Protrac Skid Steer Track Systems. Our tracks are stronger, lighter, and perform with superior traction and flotation in almost any terrain including dirt, clay, snow, sand, and ice. Using the latest technology and materials available today, these tracks will increase productivity, reduce downtime, and decrease maintenance costs over the life of your equipment. With our interchangeable shoe design you can quickly change from rubber to magnesium shoes depending on what the job at hand calls for.